Mission and vision



The Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology is a place of highest quality learning and as such holds the strongest recognizable position in higher education in ethnology and cultural anthropology in the Republic of Croatia.

It is a centre of intellectually stimulating and innovative research which applies specific ethnographic approaches in order to respond to the challenges of contemporary dynamics on the regional, social, political, economic, and cultural level.

As a publisher of two scientific journals and co-publisher of monographs and collections of papers the Department continuously works on disseminating the results of contemporary scientific research in order to ensure international recognition for Croatian ethnology and cultural anthropology.

The Curricula for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies reflect the Department’s commitment to emancipation in the pedagogical process which includes independent research, critical thinking, integrity and expressing opinions in a free and well argumented manner.

Being a nationally and regionally recognized centre of education, research and publishing in ethnology and cultural anthropology, we aim to:

• Provide a pedagogical environment which encourages and supports students to become a part of it,

• Enable learning processes which give students on all levels of studies an opportunity to become independent in their well grounded and socially responsible thinking,

• Ensure learning outcomes which aim to increase the applicability of knowledge gained and the adjustment of the study programmes to the labour market and creative economies of the future,

• Design and improve the programmes for students who set themselves apart by a wish to explore their own boundaries in learning and thinking; who are open to developing their collaborative problem solving skills and who are ready to research, explore and actively participate in the world which we live in,

• Design and create a programme which will continue to recognize the needs of the contemporary society and work on the increased internationalization of knowledge and scientific research which is based on student and scientific staff mobility as well as the integration of knowledge and research in the immediate social environment under practically applicable projects.


The Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology wishes to contribute to the further development of higher education and science community in Croatia by respecting the highest standards of personal and professional freedom and the right to express critical opinion as well as by encouraging participation in shaping a sustainable and responsible community.