Predavanje Christin Warkentin


Studentica diplomskog studija socijalne i kulturne antropologije Christin Warkentin (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) održala je 2. ožujka 2015. godine predavanje pod naslovom „Between Hope and Frustration. Self-Perceived Future Visions of Croatian Youths in the Light of the EU-Accession”.

Sažetak izlaganja: With the enlargement of the European Union one of the youngest countries of Europe became a member state in 2013, after years of negotiation. The accession took place during an economic and institutional crisis and so the accession was described as the hope for a better future for the whole society, which should bring improvement to the situation. Looking at the prescribed future visions of Croatia’s youth could lead to an impression of a hard future followed by low paid internships, multiple jobs or even unemployment. While these youths are the future of the country it is especially important to ask if, and how, the accession to the European Union can give answers to their self-perceived future visions and distrust in the political institutions of the Croatian state apparatus, to ask at the same time how they perceive the future of the country and the EU as a whole. The presentation will give an overview regarding its theoretical establishment, the methodology used and initial results of the anthropological fieldwork which was undertaken under the main question: “How do Croatia’s youths perceive their own future possibilities in the light of the EU-accession and how does this influence their everyday?”.