Predavanje Katje Hrobat Virloget

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Katja Hrobat Virloget is a research fellow and assistant professor at Department of Archaeology and Heritage and Institute for Intercultural Studies at the Faculty of Humanities University of Primorska. She graduated in archaeology and made her Ph.D. dissertation in ethnology on perception of time, space and mythical landscape through oral tradition of the Karst landscape. Before the present post on UP she was employed as an early stage researcher/ teaching assistant at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. She received a post-doc research project on the contested memories on the Istrian post-war migrations. Currently she is the partner leader of the European project Heroes we love – Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in New Europe with the Art Gallery Maribor. Her research fields are anthropology of memory, nationalism, identity, oral tradition, ethnogeography, mythical landscape, connection between archaeology and ethnology, etc. The latest book, which she has edited with Catherine Gousseff and Gustavo Corni, covers the thematic of post-war migrations from Istria, which were poorly researched in the ex-republics of Yugoslavia. She is the author of a monograph and scientific articles, which are part of the exam literature on foreign universities and cited by theoretical studies in archaeology.